Monday, December 3, 2012

WTF is Right

So we had to watch 'What The Bleep Do We Know?" and that's pretty much what I wanted to ask some of the people in the video. Here's the thing -- some of what they said I get and can agree with or at least give them the benefit of the doubt on. But some of it is out there and that's fine but don't present theory to me as fact then tell me I'm an imbecile for having faith in God. A few of them went on a hyper Christian attack. One woman (the bloated Julie Christie wann-be in the 80s femme-out Star Trek getup smoking a pipe) spent the vast amjority of her interview talking circles of incomprehensible utter bullshit, using several words I am 99% sure she made up and then tells me I am a diety and supreme being, that God is a ludicrous idea people dreamed up (according to another interviewee) to be a scape goat so we don't have to take responsibility for our own actions (when true Christianity couldn't be further from the truth). This from people who claim that my mind leaves my body and intermingles with other minds in the air so that I can have telekenetic connections. And I'm the crazy one?
Here's the (other) thing -- I believe that much of what is in science is perfectly plausible. Including possibly evolution. I just don't happen to believe that any of it disproves God's existance or that the two have to be mutually exclusive. I find it entirely possible that creation and evolution can come from the same higher power. It is irritating to have my beliefs attacked, but that is something I am used to. It is another thing to flat out be told I'm an idiot by them. That's where I have a hard time being objective. To me it is not only saying that I am inferior in thought and baseless in my beliefs but have nothing to say in defense of something that is at the foundation of my life because it's already 'been established' that I'm a brainwashed moron. I get it. Many so-called Christians are out there. Some say and do some pretty nutty stuff. Some protest funerals of homosexuals and dead soldiers. Some condem others readily and live a hypocritical lifestyle, using their religion as a podium from which to look down on others. I have seen it. Doesn't mean that that is a part of my belief system, just as I am sure that not all scientists are atheists that attack Christians. In fact, I won't lump all scientists together as believing in the stuff presented in this video. Many don't and, according to things I read about it, one or two of those interviewed for it don't believe in some of it either and were irrate that their interviews were edited to make it look like they did.
When it came to doing something with this project, I had thoughts but, to be honest, mostly what came to mind was scripture. Scripture that addressed all these things that scientists are trying to use quantum physics to prove have nothing to do with God. Kindness, the effect of good thoughts and feelings, water, predicting the future and having connecting spiritually and mentally. But I find it difficult to use scripture as a defense to people who don't believe in it's validity. There's scripture for that too!
Like I said, I don't find fault with the theories in general. Mostly the attacks. And in particular, the one woman. I am sick of people using fancy language and big words to try to lord power over others, declarig themsleves of superior intellect becuase they can string together some words that other people can't make sense of. That's what made me think of doing a word jumble, because listening to her made me feel like my brain was scrambled and I was trying to grasp at words and fit them into a sensical format. Some of the words I chose are refelects of what she had to say about me, some are reflections of what I think about what she had to say.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get it to download on here properly so I will have to send Beth a document separately.




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